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General Membership will open

April 30, 2021


Are you ready to be part of a SUPPORTIVE - Stress FREE community of like minded creatives cheering each other on and giving tons of ENCOURAGEMENT?

Are you ready to Learn, Grow, &

Be Inspired along this creative journey?

Are you ready to be CELEBRATED? Have a safe place to express ~ YOU ~

through your art?

Are you ready for a front row seat in quarterly classes and other events with Me?

If you answered YES - then don't miss out on signing up for

The Adventures of Art and Journaling with Sandy McTier

Not only will there be many opportunities to paint along with me, you'll also have

my guidance & support !!

You'll learn a ton of my tricks, tips and techniques! I'll have Creative Challenges and Creative Prompts to help GUIDE, GROW and INSPIRE you!!

I absolutely love PRODUCTS and will share more about industry products and how to use them and how I use them!

I'll also have interviews with some of the industries well known artists, business owners, creatives and more!!

Here is what you can expect in any given month ~ and then some I'm sure!

3-5 Studio FB Lives with me for some lessons, tutorials, demos,

Community check ins, chats, cheering on our group and jump starting your inspiration !

Creative prompts for pages/art/ and other creative ideas!

Ways to learn about Intuitive Creating, Meditative Creating and relaxing Art Practices!

Interviews/Demos/Tutorials with another Artist, Designer, Industry insider, or a company!

A SAFE and nurturing SPACE to gather online in a private FB group!

Free templates/line drawings/Inspiration - OFTEN!

Quarterly on-line FULL Instructional Art Journal Lesson - plus the recordings for this lessons!

Periodically - I'll give and share insight on social media platforms, content, useful tips and tricks, pricing and selling your work - among other helpful tips for taking your artwork beyond the pages of your art journal!

A way to create and connect with me and other community members on a more personal level!

Join for the YEAR or join month by month!